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A door can offer a different emotion to everyone who opens it: trepidation, excitement, curiosity, pleasure. Every entry door reveals something of what lies behind it and it is there protected; a door is the first presentation of an interior, it prompts one’s mind to imagine a place where they will act as the main characters. It marks a boundary that may hide a starting point, leading to unknown developments, or a definite destination.

Thanks to a considerate philosophy combining quality and expertise, ENTERDOORS has originated a new and innovative concept of “entrance”, interiorising every aspect and detail of one of the most ancient and longest established symbols of our everyday life.


ENTERDOORS are a combination of success and perfect blend of technology and design: style, distinction, virtue, extreme care in every detail, everlasting performance. All doors are accomplished with the highest production standards, oriented towards comfort, through the study and the production of solutions that can ensure thermal and acoustic insulation at best.


What makes an ENTERDOORS really exclusive? The imprint of all those who choose it. During their designing phase, all entrance doors can be personalised inside and outside, in all their aspects. A wide range of materials and finishing is made available.


The great variety of combinations enables creating a custom-made product for one’s own rooms, according to every preference and style requirement, material and colour. Being leaders in the production of main entry doors for ENTERDOORS means having the ability to imagine styles able to interpret every person’s encouragement and to respond to their expectations and storyline.


Mr. Tellatin starts cooperating with architecture businesses while studying at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. In those years, though his attention was mainly addressed to building construction planning and designing, he starts fostering a passion for design and innovation of products, and in 1999 he establishes Artemadesign, an interior design business.

Besides his interior designing activity in the private field, he is at present very active in the bathroom furniture sector, thanks to a ten-year cooperation with the leading make antoniolupi® design.


An ENTERDOORS is, first and foremost, equivalent to the highest quality product: every individual element is designed and accomplished entirely in Italy and custom-made, which is added value and guarantee of know-how expressed in the design of unique and original products.